Sometimes the photographer knows best…. Sometimes-

Marcos wanted something simple to capture his essence. He is a very intense guy by nature, and I knew that. His management company wanted a simple white background, but I thought differently, knowing how he is.

Of course, we shot on a simple white background to start because that’s what his management company was looking for. However, working in my studio here in Los Angeles as a photographer for quite some time, I know exactly where the great light is, and who looks best where. Also, being an actor for the last 12 years gives me an unfair advantage as to what casting directors are looking for, and how to pull out the essence of someone, especially an actor. This is one of the shots we came up with, and as it turns out, when Marcos took all his pictures back to his management company, who wanted the white background, this is the one they chose. I’m not saying I’m always right, but I do have an eye for these things.

If you need headshots as an actor, by an actor, come to my photography studio in Los Angeles and you won’t be sorry.